Wood County Crime Stoppers

the Wood County Crime Stoppers was originally formed in October 1981. Records show that the original Board of Directors that helped get the program off the ground were as follows: , Editor, Sentinel Tribune; G, past Director of Criminal Justice BGSU;
Currently, the Wood County Board of Directors are Dan Van Vorhis, Adult Parole Officer, State of Ohio Adult Parole Authority; Detective Sgt. Jy, Bowling Green Police Division; Deputy , Wood County Sheriff’s Office; Detective D Perrysburg Police Department; Detective Corporal T, Bowling Green State University Police; and Sgt Kenneth Campbell, Northwood Police Department.
The current Board holds regular meetings to conduct business. At the January 2004 meeting, a total of 5 rewards were presented to the Board for review. As a result, a total of $1200.00 in reward money was presented to Wood County Citizens that provided information to Crime Stoppers that resulted in an arrest or conviction.
Most information received by Crime Stoppers is via telephone. An easy to remember telephone number is (419)352-0077 or toll free 1-800-54-Crime. The telephone numbers are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Bowling Green Police Division has always assumed the task of answering the calls and forwarding the information out to the appropriate law enforcement agency.
It is not necessary to identify yourself when calling Crime Stoppers. When a call is taken, it is logged by the date and time and a brief summary of the callers information. Callers will be given a code number for future identification. Strict confidentially will be maintained in all cases. There will be no pressure to determine the identify of the caller.
Wood County Crime Stoppers bases its success on three elements working together. These are the community, law enforcement and the media. Crime Stoppers relies on the community to step forward and pass on information, the media to publicizes recent unsolved crimes, and law enforcement to use the information to solve the crime. The current Board of Directors are stepping up the aggressiveness of this program. Crime Stoppers is based on the principal that “someone other than the criminal has information that can solve a crime”. Through the use of the media, and assistance from the community, the Wood County Crime Stoppers Board hopes to continue to assist in the gathering of information to help solve local crimes.
Currently, Wood County Crime Stoppers is building a website. This will provide local information of unsolved crimes, wanted individuals, and any other valuable information pertaining to making Wood County a safer place to live. The web address is www.woodcountycrimestoppers.org. Through the assistance of local media, Crime Stoppers will post a crime of the month. This will be a recent unsolved crime that law enforcement might need a little help in solving.
With the assistance of the Wood County Prosecutors Office, local law enforcement and local media, the Board will also be highlighting several unsolved homicides that have occurred in Wood County over the years.